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Address: 55 Town Centre Court, Scarborough, ON M1P 4X4, Canada
Phone: (416) 290-0800
Website: http://www.oaklaw.ca/
Kumarie Ramraj on 2020-05-10
 Excellent Result: I would like to say, “thank you to OAK LAW”, in regards to my severance package. I was working with the same organisation for more than five (5) years. Never had a negative feedback, was consistently given more responsibility and was about to be promoted. What changed? The VP for the recent 5 years retired, then three months later I was called into a meeting and asked to signed off a “Separation without Prejudice document”, and was told the payment will be in my bank the next pay date, I declined. Instead, I called OAK LAW; the difference in my package was three times the original offer plus my legal fees. Thank you OAK LAW!
Rohitha Fernando on 2017-03-18
 Busy center place with tight security and concierge desk
Heckman on 2020-05-02
 Do you want the most knowledgeable, assertive and down to earth family lawyer in the GTA? Then you need Mr. Khan. Ovais has helped me tremendously with my divorce case. He is always available. Amazing person.
Rosa Osterling on 2020-02-21
 I was dealing with my divorce for over 7 years before seeing Ovais and he was able to have us finalized our agreement within the first year of working with him, within months!! I had seen many lawyers and Ovais CARES and wants to get to the outcome. He is really a blessing to work with during stressful times. Aside from being highly knowledgeable, he listens and wants to make sure everyone involved is supported and heard. I can't ever thank him enough. R.O.
Veena Pohani on 2018-10-23
 Excellent lawyer. Brilliant mind, thinks things through and always gets desired results. This is because he is thoughtful quick on his feet and goes for gold every time. You will be very satisfied.

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