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The Odette Rwigamba Law office is a dynamic law firm founded and headed by Odette Rwigamba. We are a firm consisting of experienced lawyers who deliver pragmatic and timely solutions specifically aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients thus building a solid and enviable reputation within the community.

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Address: 219 Argyle Ave #223, Ottawa, ON K2P 2H4, Canada
Phone: (613) 232-7900
Website: http://ottawalawfirm.com/
Ximena Liliana Bustos Velasco on 2020-04-09
 The service provided by the Odette Rwigamba Law Office is highly qualified and efficient. They provided me with all the help and guidance needed in my immigration case in a clear, opportune, organized and professional manner. Odette and her team are excellent people, they are really kind and proactive, regardless of the circumstances, they are always willing to listen to you so that they can answer all your questions and concerns and give you all the support you require during the process. From the beginning when I contacted them, they were extremely empathetic and made all the necessary resources available to me to achieve my goal. I went from being totally overwhelmed to feeling supported and safe, I cannot be happier and satisfied with the exceptional and outstanding service I received. . I feel truly blessed to have contacted them It is the best investment I have made, thank you very much for everything you did for me, it was a pleasure to have found you. I extremely recommend them for all the legal assistance you may need!!
Jimmy Girodier on 2020-04-09
 Dedicated, patient, professional, and understanding the best that I could find to describe her and her team! What a great team!
Tania Alfonsi on 2020-04-08
 Excellent professionalism????and human quality.
Liza Capone on 2018-04-04
 Excellent services! My family and I have always used Odette and she provides excellent services - whether we were buying or selling properties in Ontario! We have been using this firm for more than 10 years now, and we have enjoyed our experience every time. Odette and her team makes you feel like your case small or big matters to them at all times. Odette is very knowledgeable and practical and has always made feel my case matters to her. Thank you Odette and your team! I have recommended you to my family members and friends and will continue to do so!
Kurt Obrien on 2018-04-04
 I received more information on how best to handle my case in one hour consultation that I had with Ms. Rwigamba than any other lawyer I had met prior to meeting her. She gave me concise but detailed suggestions that allowed me to settle my case with great results, and I cannot thank her more. She was approachable and patient with me, and she treated all my questions seriously and allowed me to explore reasonable options and referred me to other services in the community as I was not able to afford to have her firm work for me on my case. Both Mr. Rwigamba and her assistants responded very quickly to all my inquires and made sure that I did not miss any deadlines even though I was not her client, and was only their for a consultation. I strongly recommend this firm.

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