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Address: 393 University Ave Suite 110, Toronto, ON M5G 1E6, Canada
Phone: (855) 255-7256
Website: https://www.probonoontario.org/
XingBo Wang on 2020-04-29
 They are the only lawyers I can trust. I would recommend to consult with them first, because they give you the honest advice and help. When every lawyers else want 5000+, they help me settled for $150. I probably will win in court, but $150 is not bad to save all the time and headaches. Thanks very much again for every lawyers who help me from Pro Bono Ontario.
Compu-sac Inc on 2019-04-20
 Thank God for them otherwise we would be at mercy of outrageous bills from lawyers.
Dun Xu on 2020-03-31
 I just called to deal with the Scam by the hot water tank provider Simply Green. Rhonda helped me and she is really nice and patient. She helps analyze the situation and gives great advice! Thanks Rhonda and Pro bono Ontario. I am now more confident and less anxious about my case!
Lindi Zamisa on 2020-02-09
 Was able to speak to a lawyer the same day I had called to leave a message . The lawyer I spoke to was patient, insightful and I finished the call feeling far more confident in myself and the next steps I need to take in my case.
Tracy Cusack on 2019-07-05
 Pro Bono Ontario are absolutely amazing lawyers and they are the real deal. They provided yeoman service to me. I have been employed with a company for 13 years, and unfortunately I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I was receiving immunotherapy for a year and my Employer while receiving treatment, asked me to pay for my own Employment benefits. I was totally in shock and scared because I was receiving Disability, and could not afford to pay for my benefits. They sent an amazing letter, which was instrumental in resolving the issue. Pro Bono Lawyer's are compassionate, kind people. Thank you so much!

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