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Address: 1871 Smith St, Regina, SK S4M 0A1, Canada
Phone: (800) 667-3764
Website: https://www.legalaid.sk.ca/
large2114 . on 2020-02-06
 The front desk person is very good at what they do. My lawyer on the other hand is not very good at communicating with me and almost never calls me or lets me know when my next court date is or anything about what is going on in court . been fighting this battle in court for a year and i still know absolutely nothing about what i need to be prepared for. Thats why i rate legal aid services with only 3 stars . we will see how court turns out for me in april at trial.
Pizza Tower on 2019-06-30
 Right next to the court and all the cops seems like a safe location
m f on 2019-08-14
 These lawyers r not the greatest but they work
Eric Deon on 2017-12-09
 Legal assistance...

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