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Address: 2 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A4, Canada
Phone: (800) 267-7362
Website: https://sencanada.ca/
Baba Ku on 2019-11-16
 Amazing free tour in the heart of Ottawa very informative and fun. Short too maybe 60mins from entering to leaving, for those in a hurry. It encompasses so much of the Canadian culture plus you get the opportunity to see first hand how and where the 1% work
Zahra Rajaei on 2020-02-21
 Very informative tour. On time and organized. Nice and friendly staffs.
MinhTu Van on 2019-11-09
 Good place to learn about Canadian government system and history. Free guided tour is generally reserved few hours in advanced. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and tour guides. Certainly not a place to take your family members who don’t speak English nor French. My Vietnamese aunt and uncle were so bored when I took them here. Lesson learned. ????
John Zehr on 2019-10-06
 This is the temporary location of the Senate Building. They've done a nice job of renovating it. Naf was a great tour guide. She was very knowledgeable and fun.
Marge Simpson on 2020-04-05
 A beautiful building to tour & the grounds around it.

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