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Address: 365 Bay St #602, Toronto, ON M5H 2V1, Canada
Phone: (416) 861-9669
Website: http://law.cpol.com/
Mark Rubinoff on 2019-11-15
 This guy gives 120 percent, and he knows his stuff.
Joanne Lawson on 2020-04-10
 I have been dealing with the Shermanator for over a year this is more than enough time for me to be satisfied with giving my honest opinion. Would I be having drinks with Mr Sherman? No, but I will have him be my lawyer. I don't need to like (all the time) my lawyer but I do need to be able to trust him. This I do. I have faith in his commitment to the process. He is committed to his clients.
Troy Ricker on 2019-08-21
 Great Lawyer! Also helped me get the help I needed in my life.
Sheila N on 2017-11-05
 Amazing man and lawyer!! A man for the people!
denis holleley on 2016-04-13
 has successfully represented 2 friends

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