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Address: 1033 Bay St #302, Toronto, ON M5S 3A5, Canada
Phone: (416) 961-2882
Website: http://www.singerkwinter.com/
Brad Goldsmith on 2018-09-12
 I had a great experience. They got me a great award that will be very useful as I continue to recover. They were very professional and extremely helpful. They guided me through all aspects of my case and made sure I understood the issues of the case when making decisions.
Jas Sehota on 2018-09-13
 Alf Kwinter is one of the top lawyers in this field. The company is very professional and attentive to your case. I would highly recommend them especially with the experience of Alf Kwinter.
Zachary Kwitco on 2018-09-13
 Great customer service and extremely thoughtful and professional service done in a timely fashion!
David Junek on 2018-09-12
 I hit my head and the lawyer named Shane Katz got me a bucket load of $. I bought a new car. It’s awesome.

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