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Address: 645 7 Ave SW Suite 2410, Calgary, AB T2P 4G8, Canada
Phone: (403) 999-1650
Website: http://smithandlittle.ca/
Shawn Johnson on 2020-01-08
 Kelly is straightforward and right to the point (which I like). I've been to other law firms where they let the clock run and you don't get much value after your meeting and the results are often lackluster. I would recommend Smith & Little to my friends and clients in a New York minute! Thanks Kelly!
Kimberly Phair on 2019-10-02
 I absolutely loved Kelly and Christine and would highly recommend them. They are a dream team - mutually enhancing each other's strengths. My case seemed to go on forever and they were very thorough and organized and kept all my records in order (and there was a lot going on!). Hopefully I don't see them again ;) but if needed, I would re-hire in an instant!
Katie Mayer on 2018-10-08
 I have to say.... these ladies will have your back! They are thorough, do their homework and never gloss over any detail, no matter how small. They are highly committed to you as a client, and go above and beyond. They are great to explain the legal system to you when you dont have a clue about it, and are always there to provide great help & advice. They are kind, smart, level headed, and are all around great people to work with. I would recommend over and over.
Alain Ikouba on 2017-11-06
 I have been a client to this firm since a couple of years and in a nutshell i can proudly say that almost all my expectations were met and even beyond because of deligence and commitment to have the client satisfied. Smith & Little proved themselves as professional. I, therefore strongly recommend any individual to this firm where the client is all what they care for. Good job guys and keep it up. Kind Regards
Terence Houston on 2017-10-31
 Great experience! We have used this firm a number of times. Highly recommended!!

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