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Address: 9844 106 St, Edmonton, AB T5K 1B8, Canada
Phone: (780) 761-1430
Website: http://www.stuffcolaw.com/
Curtis Yanchuk on 2020-05-15
 Jordan is amazing. He saved my lively hood and helped me keep a clean record. He is a master at what he does and it was a pleasure to sit back and watch him work his magic. I could not recommend a better person to help you in time of need. Straight to the point with no sugar coating. Real person with honest answers, very knowledgeable of the law and your rights. 5 Stars from me.
Andrew Drisdelle on 2020-04-14
 Jordan swiftly put together a plan of action, followed through and succeeded. Would recommend to anyone, and hopefully won't need his services again. Very personable and trustworthy.
Corey Shideler on 2019-11-09
 Amazing Lawyer! Personable, professional, and very knowledgeable in his field. I initially found Stuffco Law through its rating and reviews, I procured their services after a great consultation and others recommending their services. I hope that this will help the next person acquire a great lawyer as it did me, 5 star lawyer on all accounts.
Dorothy Colby on 2019-11-15
 Jordan Stuffco is a very hard working professional lawyer. He got my case thrown out even before it went to trail. He went above and beyond to prove my innocents I'm grateful for the hard work him and his firm did for me. If you need a lawyer I highly recommend Jordan Stuffco. From Justin Mahaney.
C F on 2019-09-16
 Jordan Stuffco was very compassionate and quick to respond to an issue with my underage son. Jordan met with us, and as a young(ish) professional man, laid out the consequences of my son's decisions - and gave him firm, yet compassionate and inspiring options for his future. Thank you Jordan for your work, leadership, quick response time and hard facts to a young testosterone filled youth! Hope we're on the right track, thanks to you! I would HIGHLY recommend Jordan, and hope we never have to meet with him professionally again! Thanks Jordan!

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