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Address: 5450 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse #200, Mont-Royal, QC H4P 1A5, Canada
Phone: (514) 700-0303
Website: http://www.ticket911.ca/
Stephanie Simard on 2020-05-14
 I was so impressed!! So easy to apply, had one telephone conversation with Ms Goldberg prior to her discussions with the prosecutor. She pleaded for a slightly higher fine and saved me 5 demerit points! Worth every dollars !!
AJ Cordeiro on 2016-01-18
 I highly recommend retaining this law firm, when it comes to anything related to Highway Safety Code infractions. I was wrongly accused of texting and driving. My lawyer, Simon Pier Cossette, took care of filing all the paperwork to the Montréal court. We had a brief 1 hour meeting prior to the court date, in order to discuss the options and prepare for cross-examination by the prosecution. He was professional, explained the outcomes clearly, and helped put me at ease (this was my only time in court). We easily won the case, thanks to his preparation and sharp eye for details, seeing through the police's written statements.While my case was rock solid, I had the chance to see seven cases prior to me being called to the stand. Every single one of those cases lost, even though the vast majority of them were honestly explained and expressed (e.g. I couldn't stop, because of slippery conditions, I sped because I was sick, etc.). From the brief 1 hour meeting that I had had with my lawyer, I was able to see all the strategies that the prosecution AND THE JUDGE actively used to trick civilians.Simple rules: don't talk to cops. Be respectful and keep a detailed record of what happened for your lawyer. Retain a lawyer and have them look through all the details to strengthen your case. It will be cheaper to pay a lawyer $300, than to pay a ticket, plus demerits, plus insurance hikes, plus increased SAAQ contributions.It costs nothing to discuss whether your case or not is worth it. Try them out - they will not disappoint.
Robert Mitchell on 2020-03-05
 My lawyer Eden Goldberg did a great job. She advised me of my options to settle or proceed to trial and managed my expectations about a successful defense. She was able to reach an agreeable settlement for the ticket with the prosecutor before trial and I was pleased with her work. 5 Stars...highly recommended.
Kevin Tieu on 2020-03-13
 I am an Ontario Resident and was caught in a devious speed trap (100 zone turned into 70). 30Km over the limit is 4 points in Ontario and a $225 fine. Not knowing french at all and unfamiliar with the Quebec Court system, I took a gamble to hire Ticket911 and it paid off (sort of). Catherine Bernard was extremely observant and cunning in her negotiation and reduced the charge to 0 points and plead guilty to a different offence that is not reciprocal in Ontario, therefore not affecting my Ontario license. However a heftier fine of $341 was imposed. Overall, I had a good outcome expecting a reduction but got a much better deal at the end. Merci Beaucoup Catherine!
B A on 2020-03-23
 This is the third ticket which I do with Ticket 911, they are professional and take every ticket personally. The results are amazing and it is definitely worth the fees which they charge. They have saved me many points. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to deal with tickets.

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