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Reviews for Ontario Ministry of Transportation
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Address: 1860 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M9M 3A7, Canada
Phone: (800) 396-4233
Website: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/
ben mazor on 2019-03-10
 Okay gaming place. better than any other place i've been product wise; though, staff are all over the place in procedures. Sometimes you get cool staff members who will let you finish your round when closing and are aware of all the deals and discounts. Other times you'll get super strict staff who will practically take your money: not signing you out on time when you want to leave, or will not offer you daily deals and promotions when buying time. Biggest complaints: staff won't always sell time. why is there even a till, why can't i just by my time online and not have to deal with staff. And not all form of payments accepted. Fix these for 5/5.

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