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Address: 134 Abbott St Suite 403, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K4, Canada
Phone: (604) 230-9293
Website: http://voyerlaw.com/
Abhi T. on 2020-02-05
 Excellent Overall! Quick to respond to all queries, very professional and delivery on all tasks was ahead of schedule. Highly recommend using the Voyer team!
Alex Vemon on 2020-03-12
 Kellen is very professional, he pays a lot of attention to detail and always makes sure everything is clear.
Peter Neufeld on 2020-02-06
 Kellen Voyer and his team are professional, quick, and very thorough. I am consistently impressed with how reliable and comprehensive they are, and I am very grateful for how smoothly they've helped with all my business needs.
sulayman hosna on 2019-10-10
 Amazing service from Kellen and his team. He take the time to answer each of my questions, asks the right once which help move the process along. Quick turnaround times too. I highly recommend Voyer Law Corporation
Farshad Abasi on 2019-10-07
 Great work, fast turn-around, while addressing all concerns. Two thumbs up!

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