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Address: 1396 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 2E4, Canada
Phone: (416) 365-1211
Website: http://www.wolfkimelman.com/
Yako Law on 2019-06-06
 Great law firm with an excellent reputation. They are known to fight hard for their clients. Attorney David Tomovski is superb. Give them a call if you have been injured in a car accident.
Nicole Thomas on 2018-08-09
 I was with another firm for a few years I never had results. Even though I had a c3-t1 10 hrs major spine surgery, with spinal cord damage and every single facet joint ripped off I was deemed catastrophic 75%. Kevin with only just over a year sent me to every doctor he needed to to prove and build my case. In 14 months Kevin did what it would of taken another lawyer 3 years or more. Kevin puts his heart into his work while fighting for his clients. He spent a great deal to send me to the best specialists. Kevin always because of the seriousness of my disability for the rest of my life. Was a lion in mediation. Kevin Wolf cares for his clients. He was also my goods friends lawyer and faugut a fibromyalgia claim. One of the most difficult claims to prove but he put his all in it. After 4 years I’ve settled he still is willing to speak if you have any concerns. If you are looking for a firm that is not just going to put you as a number this is the place to go. Christine is assistant has been with him over 19 years and is amazing getting paperwork done in a timely manner. Kevin even has the model he had made for me to show the other side the screws etc it’s one before my surgery and one after surgery. You may see it if you ever go to his firm. I promise if you want results Kevin Wolf and his team will get them done. Every case Is different and time frames a different depending the factors. But Kevin I would like to from the bottom of my heart for always being there when we needed you and never given up until you received the best results for our family. Your firm doesn’t have to advertise on tv, or radio or a bunch of adds because, your firm gets clients word of mouth. Keep being the amazing lawyer Kevin Wolf you are and. To e eryone reading this I’m extremely disabled the rest of my life due to a drunk driver rear ended me at 120kmh and it was a very extremely complicated case so if Kevin could take my case on after other lawyers had a hard time. That says it all. Thank you thank you so much Kevin you never gave up and caught till the end. Nicole and family

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