Corinna Stevens

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Address: 10011 Fraser Ave. Fort McMurray, Alberta T9H 2C8
Lawyer Firm: Byron & Company
Phone: 780-715-1002
Fax: 780-715-1099

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Address: 6050 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63112, USA
Phone: (314) 725-5757
 If you're looking to rent in a great part of St. Louis, would love to live in a beautiful older building, and would like to pay 50-75% of what your neighbors are paying, then I would strongly recommend Byron Company. I was almost put off by some of the negative reviews, but I am fairly low-maintenance and decided to give it a try. I've been here for 9 months now and I have zero complaints. I have had to put in several maintenance requests: a broken garbage disposal, the pilot light that had gone out in my stove, bees starting to live in the brick wall (outside) next to my balcony. Each of these was addressed and fixed less than 24 hours after I made the request, by friendly and efficient maintenance guys. It's true that they don't give notice about coming in for maintenance, etc. (This has been true even with super nice apartment buildings I've lived in in the past.) But that's usually not a problem if you work full-time, because they come in while you're gone. I've been home during COVID, and they knock and wait for me to come to the door. I'm not looking forward to the unannounced tours whenever I do move out, but all of these little things go towards cutting the rent in any way possible, and that's a price I'm very willing to pay. It's lots of little things that make your rent lower: Your doorknob might not match your neighbor's. The lock on your ancient mailbox might be a little finicky. The appliances are old, but completely functional. Bathrooms have old tile that never looks quite clean (but is.) But in my experience, none of the "cost saving" is actually to the disadvantage of the tenants, unless you're fussy. I actually love the fact that the building is updated as little as possible. My building is a gorgeous 1930s brick, and I love all of the little details that are still around. One note: Old apartments have extremely thin walls and floors. I've been pretty lucky with my neighbors, but when the tenant above me walks across the floor at night it squeaks so loudly that it can wake me up. It's something you used to, and Byron Co has really strict quiet hours for this reason. TLDR: These apartments are extremely cheap for the neighborhoods they're in, but Byron Co. cuts costs in all the right ways, and takes care of its tenants. If you love or can tolerate charming old buildings and aren't an overly particular person, you'll love it.
 I can’t share much about the company itself, I only lived at 1040 McCauseland for a year and I am pretty low maintenance. However, I wanted to share that I really enjoyed this property. It was an excellent price for a real one bedroom, not just a studio. I enjoyed the updated features yet historical building, and had plenty of room for one person. It was also very quiet with off street parking, and a good location to hop on the interstate. Also in walking distance of Forest Park and a few restaurants/attractions. Although it wasn’t great for my car, all the local birds really entertained my cat. I think this is a real hidden gem.

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