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Address: 70 University Ave #1460, Toronto, ON M5J 2M4, Canada
Phone: (416) 703-6464
Website: http://aluvionlaw.com/
Blue Dane on 2018-12-21
 As an entrepreneur I have had my share of experience with big Bay Street lawyers, in many cases it's hard to know what your going to get until you've hired them.I have had the pleasure of working with Eric and Jonathan at Aluvion, they are available when you need them and knowledgable at their craft.They never bill for emails or phone calls and are efficient when working on your file.I am confident to recommend their firm and know that any client will be satisfied, thank you to Aluvion for the transparency and the great work you've done for my business.
Will Bowcott on 2018-09-14
 Very positive experience. The Aluvion team takes a very realistic approach and understands the needs of small businesses. They were very conscious of our budget and always put our needs above their own.

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