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Address: 1100-1645 Granville St, Halifax, NS B3J 1X3, Canada
Phone: (902) 425-6000
Website: http://bloisnickerson.com/
luvpreet riar on 2019-02-16
 I have been dealing with great stress related to my immigration issues but Grace Allen has such a calm and professional manner of practice, she walked me through the whole processes and kept me updated during the whole application and even helped me to get letters for my employers so that I can continue to work as per my legal right and status. Very kind and great professionalism .
Dave T on 2019-09-15
 I don't remember visiting this place but I'm going to give them a middle-of-the-road rating because, lawyers.
Blake MacDonald-Beaver on 2018-11-06
 I'm a son of a person who works here and I love my mom so i give it 5 star because i really like the people there and I love my mom

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