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Address: 3024 Hurontario St Suite G10, Mississauga, ON L5B 4P4, Canada
Phone: (905) 848-4878
Website: http://www.cheralawoffice.com/
Squeeker 11 on 2020-04-30
 Rav was fabulous during the close of my condo sale! So much so that I'll be using him again shortly for another purchase. He was patient and kind with all my questions and the transaction was very easy, since most things were done quick and remotely. Hassle free and pleasant experience.
L Pope on 2020-01-13
 Great experience with Rav completing our real estate transaction. Prompt reply and was even able to reach him after business hours. Really put my mind at ease. Everything was done correctly and efficiently. Highly recommend!
Steven Rogers on 2020-05-10
 My Girlfriend and I recently purchased our first home and were very inexperienced with the whole process. Rav explained all the documents that needed to be signed and clearly guided us through our journey. He never had any issues answering any questions we had over the phone which gave us an extra sense of relief during the corona pandemic. I already have and will continue to recommend Chera Law office to anyone requiring a lawyer.
Vijay Singh on 2019-12-27
 We recently had a closing on property and the overall experience was just fantastic! Rav was available to answer all my questions all along and was very approachable. The entire process and all documents were explained to us during our meeting. The closing was very smooth and i received the key around 2 PM. Above all, very good and understanding person! I highly recommend his services to anyone needing a lawyer.
Erica Anderson on 2020-05-05
 Ravdeep’s service on the sale of my condo was top notch from start to finish. Very pleased and will be using Chera Law again.

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