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Address: 65 Kirkham Dr, Markham, ON L3S 0A9, Canada
Phone: (905) 201-3502
Website: http://www.costco.ca/warehouse-locations/markham-O
Ryan VanPoppel on 2020-04-09
 Given the circumstance and physical distancing this Costco was well organized and was a well oiled machine. The control of people entering via long line was smooth and the people working outside controlling the line and wiping carts were friendly and kept customers informed. Inside was the same; products were kept stocked and employees controlling checkouts were informative and quick. Was really impressed. The limiting of people in the store actually made the shopping experience better as you were not bumping into people who stop in the aisles or leave their carts all over the place.
Amir Darestani on 2020-03-11
 One of the best Costco locations, this store has one of the best customer service teams. They were very helpful and friendly. The variety of products was great and all were fresh. There are a lots of free parking spots available for customers. The washrooms were clean. I like the bakery section and the quality of the buns and breads is great. Great customer service, professional staff, highly recommended!
John Kassar on 2020-01-15
 What can I say? It’s Costco! Most people usually love shopping here. I enjoy shopping here and I used to work here. My experience as a Costco worker as well as a current member have always been positive. The staff are friendly and I’ll be coming back. If you don’t shop at Costco, I’d recommend you get a membership and you won’t be disappointed but that’s just my opinion.
Shailah Damji on 2020-03-17
 Under the circumstances, Costco has really stepped up, they are cleaning carts as you enter, they are stocking supplies on a daily basis and they have increased the number of people working. They are also limiting certain things like toilet paper and paper towel to one person. The lines are moving fast and the staff are super friendly.

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