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Address: 6299 South St, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2, Canada
Phone: (902) 494-2211
Website: http://www.dal.ca/
Malik Nadeem on 2020-05-05
 Dalhousie University (commonly known as Dal) is a public research university in Nova Scotia, Canada, with three campuses in Halifax, a fourth in Bible Hill, and medical teaching facilities in Saint John, New Brunswick. Dalhousie offers more than 4,000 courses, and 180-degree programs in twelve undergraduate, graduate, and professional faculties.[5] The university is a member of the U15, a group of research-intensive universities in Canada.
Gerb Ding on 2018-02-24
 Dalhousie has one of the most beautiful university campuses I've ever been on. I stayed in one of the newer residences for a month in the summer and absolutely loved it. The campus is teeming with life and is really close to downtown which is nice.
Dennis Beauchamp on 2018-06-06
 Great school Great professors. Also, it is important to know all that Dalhousie has to offer with bursaries and student support
syed Nomii on 2019-08-30
 Very good and walking around location in Halifax city many local events are available always...
Ekene Eddy-Okafor on 2018-12-06
 You meet people from all around and learn both socially, academically and mentally.

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