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Reviews for Aimee J. Fishman Barrister and Solicitor
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Address: 380 York St, London, ON N6B 1P9, Canada
Phone: (519) 204-1112
Website: http://www.aimeejfishman.com/
Dimitra Papastamos on 2019-12-23
 I am a Realtor and have sent many clients to Aimee. She is very personable and enjoyable to talk with. Aimee is always very helpful when I have a question and my clients have also been very happy with her services.
Brad Mousseau on 2019-11-17
 Honest and straight forward. Always willing to go that extra mile for her clients.
Stephanie Landry on 2019-01-10
 Aimee handled the sale of my home with great care, helpfulness, and efficiency. She answered all of my questions in a friendly and professional manner. When the close of the sale was delayed due to the buyer, she made sure that the buyer refunded me for any incurred cost due to the delay. I am so happy with her services, and would highly recommend her!
Andrea Ferrett on 2018-06-05
 I was referred to Aimee by a family member, and I couldn't have been more pleased. She was fantastic with my own personal work, and ensured we were happy throughout the time we spent with her. I now refer clients to her confidently. She is patient, prompt, and ensures that you are included and informed throughout the process without feeling left behind. I cannot recommend her enough. As a business owner, it is great to know I can send clients her way, and not have any worries about how she will take care of them. Thanks, Aimee.
Vaughan-Beth Crystal on 2017-12-08
 I have used Aimee’s legal services three times in the last two years, the last one being for a closing on a personal property last week. Each time Aimee has been a pleasure to work with. Her work is thorough, efficient and fair. She is a calming force. I see two other reviews that have found fault with her work and I cannot imagine what their expectations were. She is extremely professional, conscientious and acts with the greatest of integrity.

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