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Address: 55 King St #800, St. Catharines, ON L2R 3H5, Canada
Phone: (905) 641-2020
Website: https://www.gravesandrichard.com/?utm_source=GMBli
Andrew Henwood on 2020-04-03
 You are already lucky enough to have discovered Graves & Richard, or you would not be reading this review. If you are fortunate enough in that they take on your case, then you can be confident that they believe you can win. You are now in good hands; their work is thorough and patient, even in small cases, such as my own, where I was afraid at first they would drop it because it wouldn't be worth their while. But no, they pressed on, and won more for me than I ever expected. A very fine company.
Roy Bryan Kloppenburg on 2019-11-29
 Chris Richard is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Straightforward and direct. Highly recommended!
Miss April Baarda on 2019-11-16
 They won my case Katherine brook, amazing lawyer Before her Annalee Must
Nathan Gatt on 2019-10-24
 Sharon Mackay and the staff at Graves and Richard were amazing in dealing with my situation, they were prompt at returning phone calls and emails and were amazing negotiators with the insurance company!!
Andrea Mamo on 2019-10-24
 My case was handled in a very professional manner, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this law.

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