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Reviews for Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan - HOOPP
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Address: 1 York St suite 1900, Toronto, ON M5J 0B6, Canada
Phone: (416) 369-9212
Website: https://hoopp.com/
frencs5 . on 2020-01-13
 I'm dumbfounded by the comments below, do you people have any idea how lucky you are to have a lifetime defined benefit pension plan in 2020? And a over-performing one at that, with inflation protection? I can't speak much to the customer service issues (I've only had positive, albeit limited, experiences). Pension plans aren't a bank where you just take money whenever you want, they are very complicated to protect you long-term. Try your luck with private sector pensions or expensive professionally managed portfolios and you'll have real problems to complain about.
Nicole on 2020-04-16
 Amazing customer service both online and through phone. Fast, courteous and efficient.
Dolores Smith on 2020-01-17
 Absolutely wonderful since Day 1.So happy with this pension!
Lindsay Millard on 2020-02-14
 One of the lay DB pensions in Canada with outstanding service

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