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Address: 225 Richmond St W suite 200, Toronto, ON M5V 1W2, Canada
Phone: (416) 309-4499
Website: http://www.lashcondolaw.com/
Nicole Shammas on 2020-05-21
 Lash Condo Law is a fantastic law firm! The staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and customer service is great. I would recommend them.
Evelyn Page on 2020-01-26
 I have been on the board of a large condominium corporation for almost a decade, and during that time we have needed legal advice and assistance on a myriad of issues, from minor to quite significant. Joseph Salmon has been our main contact, and has over the years provided us with trusted, professional legal support, sound business advice, prudent and strategic options and guidance, all tailored to meet our specific needs or unique situations. Joseph Salmon demonstrates great care in all that he does, holds himself to the highest standards of integrity, and is always a pleasure to deal with. He personally cares about his clients and their outcomes. Depending on the scope of our issue, we have also had the pleasure of working with Denise Lash and others on the Lash Condo team, all high caliber lawyers who have provided us with consistently great service across a wide range of challenges. Our condominium corporation has benefitted greatly from the professionalism and expertise of Joseph Salmon and the Lash Condo Law firm and I would highly recommend this trusted group to any other condominium board seeking support for a one time issue, or in need of a full service legal support team who can act as your trusted partner for all condominium legal needs. This team goes above and beyond, not only effectively resolving issues that arise, but also providing strategic advice that helps us prevent issues from arising or escalating. That advice and support has been invaluable. I highly recommend.
teide land on 2020-04-15
 Lash Condo Law is excellent. The team is professional and friendly and the lawyers are knowledgeable and very responsive. I highly recommend Lash Condo Law. Denise, Josh and Danielle are fantastic!

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