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Address: 10 George St Suite 200, Hamilton, ON L8P 1C8, Canada
Phone: (905) 526-2127
Website: http://www.lcheng.ca/
Thanh Dinh on 2019-12-06
 Li and his team helped me close on a home - had a last minute mortgage change and Li & co were able to pull through even with the last minute change and the time crunch. He was professional, thorough, reassuring, and knowledgeable. He was always available to field questions and concerns in a timely and effective manner. Will definitely be using his legal services again.
Milica Stojanovic on 2020-02-07
 -Very thorough. -Answers questions directly and honestly. I would recommend his legal services to close friends and family as I trust his work ethic.
Purdeep Sangha on 2019-11-18
 Li and his team are extremely professional. The client experience is everything in today's market and Li strives to ensure that his team is providing the best experience for his clients. It's a no brainer to use them for your legal needs!!!
Alex Whyte on 2019-03-11
 I first worked with Li Cheng on my business commercial lease agreement for retail space about 2 years ago. He was a referral from a friend of mine who works with him regularly. I felt Li had my best interest in mind and was there to answer all my questions and go up to bat for me. I had such a positive experience I used his services again for the purchase of my new house last month. As a business owner I have a lot of my plate. Him and his team were there to make sure my personal house buying experience went smoothly.
Tim Collins on 2019-09-04
 We were referred to this firm and could not have been happier with their work.We were comfortable when we met Li Cheng and although we never met Patti she was awesome we would highly recommend this firm.

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