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Address: 1116 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1B6, Canada
Phone: (800) 736-2703
Website: http://www.getorchard.com/
Samantha Ventresca on 2020-04-16
 Safe and accountable way to buy, sell, and repair phones. Glad I discovered this neighbourhood gem and will return if and when the occasion arises. Elizabeth in particular made the experience a memorable one because she was proactively helpful and a wizard at troubleshooting. Make sure to back up the photos on your phone on your own time before getting involved in the selling process. Happy a place like this exists and hope to see more pop up!
Don Belyea on 2019-08-07
 Fantastic phones, in the condition they state they are in. Great staff that are super friendly. I’ve used Orchard a few times, and have been fully satisfied all along. Don’t get sucked into a higher monthly rate at your cell provider with the lure of a shiny phone - buy your own here and take it where you want! Their new space is conveniently located - pretty central downtown :)
Kennedy Vandendool on 2020-04-16
 Absolutely amazing! I ordered on Friday during a pandemic and still had my new to me phone on Wednesday. The staff communicated to me throughout the entire process so I knew what to expect. 100% would use again. The phone was in great condition with no issues
Jody Bayani on 2020-05-25
 Needed a phone after smashing my 5+ yr-old iPhone 6; wasn't really looking forward to paying huge amount for another new phone until I came across Orchard, bought an iPhone SE 64GB about 3 weeks ago and could not be happier with the phone, the condition it was in and most of all the price. Orchard really is a great, reliable alternative to getting a phone, not sketch at all, unlike the other ways....
Dieter Smythe on 2020-02-14
 I have used the services of Orchard labs on at least 4 occasions. The process was very easy and I received a very fair & surprising payments even for phones with broken screens. Highly recommended for anyone looking to sell their used phones. Their customer service is 1st rate & they send you the box and shipping label once they agree to purchase. In some cases I received more than the quoted price once they received. You will not be disappointed.

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