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Address: 1310 11 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1G6, Canada
Phone: (403) 444-5880
Website: https://www.pefanishorvath.com/
byron and jasmin frank on 2019-12-13
 Constantine and his team are lawyers with integrity. From the moment you walk in he lets you know he is there for you. He made me feel at ease in a very hard situation, was patient with me and made me feel comfortable with the process. He made me feel like I was his only client. He cared about how my injuries and accidents effected my health and well being. After 5 and half years of being his client I always felt reassured he cared about me as a person not simply another case. He treated me with compassion and kindness. He fought for me and went above and beyond to ensure I was treated fairly and received the amount I was due. He made the grueling process easy for me and was really in my corner the entire time. I highly recommend Constantine, he is skilled, effective and honest. If you have a personal injury case you would benefit from his services.
chris Fair on 2019-10-18
 Handled my case with compassion and professional expertise. They saved my life. Would recommend to anyone.
amy Alan on 2017-09-01
 Quick, efficient and reasonably priced. They understood my issue and found a way to help me. What more can you ask for?
Karen King on 2017-12-11
 Fast, efficient and polite service. Great people who do great work. Thanks

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