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Address: 43 Front St E #400, Toronto, ON M5E 1B3, Canada
Phone: (416) 320-1914
Website: http://pbplawyers.com/
Christine H. on 2020-04-03
 I have been dealing with Mr. Procope for a number of years in the area of capacity law. Mr. Procope has been extremely professional, through and expedient in the service that he has provided my family on numerous occasions. In dealing with Mr. Procope you will find that you truly have an ally who is looking out for the best interests of his clients. I could not recommend another lawyer more than Mr. Procope. Do not hesitate in giving him a call immediately for top notch service and results.
J. Paul Grayson on 2019-08-15
 My 101 year-old father is in hospital and bed-ridden. While the medical attention he has received has been excellent, the hospital and LHIN want him to leave asap. The problem is that his former retirement home cannot meet his needs and he is fearful that he might die as a result. I was in touch with ACE and they referred me to Mr. Procope who they felt would be able to provide legal advice. Mr. Procope listened to my concerns. He then very honestly stated that there might be a less costly solution to my father's problem than engaging his services. As a result, he contacted a resource who hopefully will be able to assist us. Afterwards, I had further conversation with Mr. Procope about next steps. Unlike many other legal professionals Mr. Procope did not charge me for his services. He was content that he may have been of assistance in finding a solution to my problem. In my mind, Mr. Procope is an honest man. In the event that I do need further legal assistance he will be first on my list of contacts!
Fiona Maarhuis on 2018-04-02
 Kelley responded quickly to a phone call and provided us with valuable advice, helping us achieve the results we wanted without expensive litigation.
Alex Gall on 2017-05-05
 Very happy we found Kelley, would highly recommend!

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