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Address: 1 Dundas St W #2702, Toronto, ON M5G 1Z3, Canada
Phone: (416) 929-6968
Website: http://www.jamesmarks.ca/
Ibrahim Yunus on 2020-01-30
 This case is know as Hague Convention for Overseas Child Abduction. My matter is about my wife (until now) takes our kids for what it suppose to be a holiday for 2-3 months to Canada and instead decided to stay there without my consent (the father). I have done a little search to find a good lawyer who has an expertise in this area and found James Marks. I think he's too good in his work and his genuine reviews says that... I have experienced it and ultimately got the results that I wanted and that I'd the return of my children back to Australia. Credit goes to Google search first, then to the Central Authority of Canada which listed him as a potential lawyer that deals with Hague cases. I think it took about 4 months ever since I have retained James to get my children back. I think his cost are reasonable considering the complexities that these cases can get into. My best advice to people who will run into these cases is to start the process as soon as you can, the sooner the better... the later you start the more difficult it gets.. I hope and pray that no one goes through any Hague process but if anyone find himself/herself in this situation start legal action IMMEDIATELY especially if both countries are signatories of the Hague Convention. Well done to James and his team. They were patient, attentive and show compassionate.
Mark Coxhead on 2019-04-02
 After our first meeting I realized that James was patient, knowledgeable, strategic and skilled. My divorce was one of the most challenging times of my life, throughout the entire process James and Rachel provided me with a personal level of support that one would not expect including a compassionate ear when I just needed to talk. My case was not straight forwarded and filled with delays due to my ex-wife, which included a change of lawyers. Her new lawyer appeared to me to be very combative and unwilling to come to any agreement, with a trial being his objective. As we prepared for trial I came to realize that I was dealing with “Team James”, which included Rachel his law clerk and his sister Grace also a lawyer. Because of “Team James” our trial had a very positive outcome. Rachel is also a talented and knowledgeable individual her assistance was and is invaluable to me. If you are in need of a family law lawyer, I would absolutely recommend James! Thank you, James and Rachel. Mark
Bryan Hughes on 2018-12-19
 We recently completed a complex multi year child custody case which included a formal trial. James was always patient and available for questions and information. He provided a personal level of service not found in large corporate firms. During the many Judicial hearings and trial James was always very well prepared. His Law Clerk Rachael was a valuable contributor in this matter. We were well served by James and Rachael in this matter
Loc Nguyen on 2018-06-20
 James and Rachel (his Law Clerk) are professional, experience and highly efficient. Their experience, professionalism and knowledge was excellent. As a result of his advice and their efficiency, my divorce was completed without any issues. They always responded promptly to e-mails or phone calls, and always chose the most cost-effective strategy. In fact they helped me with correcting and "completing the work" for the OTHER lawyer who was highly incompetence - whom my former partner hired - this was stressful but their diplomacy and professionalism in every way made it bearable. Thank you for your professional, diplomacy and efficiency. You DO GET what you pay for!
Sa Rah on 2016-12-21
 In my experience, what makes James exceptional, besides many other characteristics of a skillful family lawyer, is that he is not scared of dealing with unfamiliar situations. In fact, he proved me to be capable of processing such situations fast and strategize very efficiently. My main concern, besides the settlement, was another divorce that I needed to go through in my home country whose judicial system is complicated, unilateral and very different from the Canadian system and I was looking for solutions through Canadian laws to make that part easier for me. The first time I met James, he patiently listened to me, honestly told me that he was somewhat, but not fully, familiar with what I was talking about, but he also reassured me that he was willing to help me approaching my concerns. And he handled the case really well. Over those several months that I worked with him, I always felt that I was part of a capable and reliable team. James was always supportive and compassionate, and at the same time realistic and fair. His generous advice in several situations helped me make correct decisions when I was still too emotional. He was firm where it was needed and was flexible when it would help. Anytime I went to his office with new questions and concerns, I left there confident of having a reasonable solution. The end result was a just settlement, with conditions that made my other divorce move fast and straight forward, without me needing to sacrifice my rights as a human (that was what I was looking for). I confidently recommend Mr. James Marks and his compassionate and helpful assistant, Rachel, to any friend who needs legal help. They are a trustworthy team.

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