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Address: 750-10665 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 3S9, Canada
Phone: (780) 482-1536
Website: https://simonsandstephens.com/
Natalia Wong on 2018-07-19
 Roger Stephens came highly recommended (from another lawyer) for his expertise and I was happy to have his help. Very thorough, practical advice where he explained all situations and risks in my case. He is extremely friendly, understanding, and patient. Excellent lawyer!
Michael Gregg on 2018-06-23
 Roger knows his trade and regardless of the complexity of your legal issue, will help you achieve any reasonable goal.
Alison Hammond-Weiss on 2017-12-20
 We hired Roger Stephens to defend us when we were hit with a totally unfounded lawsuit. We were panicked and unsure of our rights. Our emotions were running high and Roger took the time to gather all relevant information and documentation required to fully understand the suit against us. He made no false guarantees, told us exactly what to expect and he crossed all his t's and dotted all of his i's. His competency and forthrightness helped calm us down. He never rushed us or made us feel foolish about any questions we asked. He made very sure we were prepared for court, going over the process several times with us at no additional cost. He showed up to court on time and was fully prepared to defend our rights. It sounds simple, but when compared to the opposing lawyer's performance Roger Stephens excelled. Roger was stalwart, sterling, professional and dignified before the judge, he presented our defense with solid facts and no posturing. He knew our side of things down to the last detail which made the opposing lawyer look the unprepared fool. The judge based her decision, often quoting the evidence Roger brought to the table, and ruled in our favour. If you want a no-nonsense lawyer, who clearly knows his craft and works for your money, Roger is your man. He is professional, prepared, competent and honest.
Kelly Weiss on 2017-12-20
 Mr Stephens helped us in our legal and business dealings. Very professional and helpful. Would recommend 100%

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