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Address: 268 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M4V 2G7, Canada
Phone: (416) 961-1212
Website: https://www.sommersandroth.com/
Earl Magder on 2020-05-24
 Michael Hershkop and the rest of the firm go above and beyond. Michael is a genuine person. He cares deeply about his clients, and about helping children with disabilities. I do a lot of medical-legal work. I often turn to him for advice because of his wealth of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend.
Megan Wexler on 2020-05-26
 Hilik, Jeremy and Michael truly care about their clients. They work day and night to get the best results and are not afraid of advocating in the courtroom, if needed. I highly recommend this firm.
Kimberley York on 2020-05-24
 Highly recommend!! Amazing, compassionate, professional people! ????
Carol Endicott Georgopoulos on 2020-03-20
 Highly recommend.

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