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Address: 372 Bay St Suite 800, Toronto, ON M5H 2W9, Canada
Phone: (647) 497-7107
Website: http://www.tupmanbloom.com/
Adam Guyatt on 2019-11-13
 Lionel and Arieh are exceptional talents in the Estate Litigation space. They both work tirelessly to represent their clients' best interests and as such deserve their reputation as leaders in their industry. Their presentation of issues is clear and knowledge of relevant statutes and case law is thorough.
Clifford Lam on 2019-08-20
 Lionel is incredibly knowledgeable of the law. He has been assisting my family with a very complicated estate litigation case for the past 3 years and we couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. I would without a doubt recommend this firm. Reasonable rates and super nice staff (especially Jacqueline!!).
Dennis Conrad on 2018-11-28
 Powerhouse estate litigation firm who helped me with my grandmother's estate. Immediately knew what steps to take so we did not have to spend time chasing our tail. Found a solution quickly in a cost effective manner.
Elie Assaf on 2019-10-17
 Do not remember
Lance K on 2018-10-16
 Excellent lawyers. They will work hard for you and get results.

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