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Address: 469 Main St, Kentville, NS B4N 1K9, Canada
Phone: (902) 678-3257
Website: http://www.wnns.ca/
Brittany Rose on 2018-08-23
 Good dedicated lawyers who put your needs and goals first. If you can't meet at the office they have no problem meeting you somewhere public or coming to your home. The lawyers I've had from here are awesome respective and great at their job.
Chickie on 2019-03-01
 Randall Prime was our lawyer for house closing and he made it a breeze! I Highly recommend!
Terissa Sanford on 2018-08-17
 Lawyers here are amazing and beyind friendly and will help you with ehat ever you need and try their best to understand whatever you are going through. Reception is very kind. Love EVERYONE here
Axel Nafthal on 2017-04-24
 I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the Waterbury Newton Law Firm to anyone looking for a well established, full-service firm for legal representation. Waterbury Newton provides excellent, efficient, and personal legal services to all their clients and puts clients' needs and expectations first.

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