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Updated: July 19th, 2013 | Scarborough | Lawyer List T | Fox Barry A. & Associates |

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Address: Unit 3B1911 Eglinton Ave. E. Scarborough , Ontario M1L 4P4
Lawyer Firm: Fox, Barry A., & Associates
Phone: 416-755-3346 Ext:
Fax: 416-755-3595
Email: kayetina@gmail.com

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Address: 1911 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1L 2L6, Canada
Phone: (416) 755-3346
Website: http://www.barryfox.ca/
Le Firme Menswear & The Bespokeman Custom Tailoring on 2019-12-03
 In the world of criminal justice Mr Fox is very well versed. But his knowledge of international law is just as appropriate. My issues were with Canada Customs on a return from Italy. A very long and arduous working trip. It was a nightmare with many accusations being flung with an unknown understanding of what was right and documented. Well Mr. Fox made my case and all was resolved and returned. Mr. Fox even arranged an apology from the powers that be. That was amazing and above the call of duty. I strongly recommend that you have a consultation with Barry Fox when you have an issue with the law!
Tonino Siculiana on 2019-12-03
 My problem was with a trumped up gun charge. Not my fault and totally unwarranted. I am a hunter and keep everything as safe as possible. Unfortunately certain policemen try to make a name for themselves with their superiors. They felt that I was a possible threat because of something said on social media by someone I did not know. Anyways, my property was confiscated and thanks to Barry and his team all was returned with no charges being laid. It took time, but these things take time. Barry Fox made it a point to get all that belong to me, returned. Safe and sound! Thank you Fox and associates for all you do!
Arif Hussain on 2019-10-23
 Greatest criminal defence lawyer in the world. Expert cross examiner. Over 40 years of experience in criminal law. Best trial lawyer you will ever hire. Down to earth and nicest person you will ever meet. Barry really knows what he is doing. If you have a case, you should call him without thinking twice.
Monica Horvath on 2019-11-27
 My friend was just found not guilty of a charge over 80 due to Barry's excellent council.. I highly recommend him as a lawyer. He is very knowledgable and has a great reputation for very good reason.. call him if you ever find yourself in need of representation. Great job Barey!!!
selina pitret on 2020-01-27
 I'm extremely grateful to this day after 8+ years ago for Mr Alan Sobcuff's service !!! This review is obviously long overdue but that goes to show even more what a different breed of lawyers Barry Fox & associates for not only leaving such a long lasting impression but because they really make a difference. They really fight for their clients' best interests and Mr Alan Sobcuff is the one I personally worked with and he definitely deserves to be recognized for all his efforts and going above and beyond! Thank you Mr Sobcuff!!!

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