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Updated: November 29th, 2022 | Toronto | Lawyer List B | Riverdale Mediation Ltd. |

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Address: 300-425 University Ave. Toronto, Ontario M5G 1T6
Lawyer Firm: Riverdale Mediation Ltd.
Phone: 416-593-0210
Email: borzou@riverdalemediation.com
Website: riverdalemediation.com

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Address: 393 University Ave Suite 2000, Toronto, ON M5G 1E6, Canada
Phone: (416) 593-0210
Website: http://www.riverdalemediation.com/
Sherry Barrett on 2017-11-13
 I chose Riverdale Mediation because they were the only company to answer my questions about the program personally. Each step of my training was then met with an equal level of quality service and care for my needs. The classes were diverse and inclusive of all learning styles. I felt safe and comfortable sharing my opinions, beliefs and professional background with the other students. The material presented was very progressive and engaging. I really enjoyed the extra presentations from current thought-leaders. It was a treat to personally connect with innovators in the field. With a social work background, I was a little intimidated by the Family Law course. However, the class was very enjoyable! The lawyer students were invited to share personal stories which complimented the provided learning material. This experience created a cohesion between the students that helped everyone understand the material a little more clearly and made the course fun. I left that course feeling informed and very empowered. Something I carry over to my clients. I would recommend Riverdale Mediation to anyone looking to complete their mediation training. In my opinion, they are hands down the gold standard!
K Katul on 2017-11-13
 I thoroughly enjoyed the Family Law course that I recently took with you Hilary and found it both useful and informative. The videos that were shown interviewing various Family law professionals and their thoughts and perspectives on a number of family law issues were especially helpful and quite an eye opener. Having been out of the practice of Family Law for several years, I found this to be a fantastic review of the most recent and relevant areas of debate in family law. I would highly recommend this course.
Ulana Pahuta on 2017-11-15
 I recently completed the Family Law course at Riverdale Mediation. Given that I hadn’t practised family law, I was impressed with the breadth and depth of the material Hilary presented. In a week she managed to cover a wide variety of key topics in a thoughtful and thorough manner. Her enthusiasm was infectious and the co-presenters and video interviews added additional expertise and practical insight. Very much recommended!
Km Kieller on 2017-11-06
 so proud to be able to express how much I value the professionalism, compassion and insight of Hilary and her team. Mediation deescalates conflict and allows those parties in a dispute to find their own resolution; one that uniquely meets their own interests. I highly recommend the mediation process and this team.
AJ Jakubowska on 2019-11-25
 I highly recommend this course (and others I have taken with Riverdale).

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