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D. Neil Skinner

Updated: November 12th, 2021 | Mississauga | Lawyer List D | Sobeys Inc. |

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Address: Ontario Region 4980 Tahoe Blvd. Mississauga, Ontario L4W 0C7
Lawyer Firm: Sobeys Inc.
Phone: 905-671-6126
Fax: 905-671-6152
Email: neil.skinner2@sobeys.com
Website: sobeys.com

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Address: 145 Marlee Ave, York, ON M6B 3H3, Canada
Phone: (416) 781-0145
Website: http://www.sobeys.com/en/stores/sobeys-rosebury-sq
J K on 2020-03-12
 Small location but neatly organized and friendly staff. Quality fresh meats at good sale prices often with the occasional steal deals here and there if you're a flyer Hunter. Also, in store made: multi grain baguette, fresh chicken and wedges is market price and very good quality. Store could be bigger but property doesn't seem to have space for expansion.
Jacob Matthews on 2018-02-24
 They're here for convenience. There are a clump of high rises around them that support this business. Think of it as a mini premium grocery store. They have everything a large Sobeys would have but with fewer options. Small deli, bakery, prepared foods section, etc. The produce section is a little hit and miss as others have pointed out. There selection is good, but it seems that with their low quantity of each item, they can quickly run out of fresh stock, and what's left on the shelf is a little too old, and more likely to spoil than other stores. Still, I buy a lot of produce here, and as long as you pay attention, I've gone home with bad produce only once or twice. Prices are high, but not higher than other premium grocery stores. Fewer options in each catagory mean less chance of there being a sale on something any given week. We try to use this store for occasional top-up around a biweekly trip to a bigger store, but recently have caved to the convenience and are buying most of our groceries here.
Shyla Tibando on 2020-02-27
 This is a great little grocery store. Not only is it convenient. They always seem to have what I need and most importantly fresh produce, which seems harder and harder to come by. The store well kept and clean. There is always someone available to ask on where something or to reach the higher shelved items. The cashiers are all lovely.
Denis Lewis on 2020-04-15
 Well organized and a big shout out to DRAGAN always well stocked shelves and if it's not there he will do his best to get it...friendly hard working staff... Well done to you all
Simon on 2018-12-14
 Smaller sized sobeys. We'll organized and stocked. Rarely a wait for checkout. Great for getting in and out quickly

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