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Updated: July 15th, 2022 | Toronto | Lawyer List G | Advocacy Centre For The Elderly |

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Address: 2 Carlton St., Suite 701 Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3
Lawyer Firm: Advocacy Centre For The Elderly
Phone: 416-598-2656 Ext: 231
Fax: 416-598-7924
Email: webbg@lao.on.ca
Website: lao.on.ca

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Address: 2 Carlton St #701, Toronto, ON M5B 1J3, Canada
Phone: (416) 598-2656
Website: http://www.advocacycentreelderly.org/
Mary K A on 2020-03-18
 Very grateful for this service. I have an elderly Mother who was trapped in a system that is not forthright with the options that the elderly have. All the information that I received by the hospital system was cloaked with deceitful misinformation. The pressure to act in ways that I was unprepared to take was beyond reasonable as well as misleading. Unless you are prepared to fearlessly stare the medical establishment straight in the face and demand for all your questions to be answered and then probe those answers further you will be sold on options that you do not necessarily have to take. ACE gave me everything I needed to stand my ground and fight for my mothers options. Jane spent alot of time with me answering in detail all the questions I threw at her. I recommend this service highly.
WARRIOR MOM on 2019-12-06
 I am so grateful for this service. They have consulted me twice and their response time was so quick. They made a very difficult situation a little easier to handle with their kindness and guidance. Thank you so much.
Lucy Raffat on 2019-07-11
 My elderly mother whom was on a Long Term Care waiting list for the last 2 years and living with the family alternating back and forth with my siblings in the meantime was hospitalized. She did not want to live at home with the family anymore and was deemed incapable of making decisions signed off by a doctor at the hospital. Nonetheless the discharge team reassesed mom one week later and have now made her capable of making decisions and all the while my older sister having power of attorney for mom. The hospital wanted to send mom off to a retirement home that would not have the care that she so much needs please note:this was just a residential home with several rooms rented out to seniors in the most deplorable conditions and they did not disclose this information at all!They mislead mom the whole time wanting her to sign in agreement of the said home. ACE not only helped mom but they also helped the family by taking care of the legalities of this most disturbing situation. Please do not allow the aggressive hospital discharge planners walk all over you. ACE did an amazing job at protecting our rights and mom’s rights! Thank ACE!!

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