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Address: 60 Gillingham Dr #402, Brampton, ON L6X 4X7, Canada
Phone: (905) 453-0606
Ajaywant Brar on 2020-02-19
 Very experienced and dedicated lawyer, very personalized approach to client needs and unparalleled knowledge of real estate law. Highly recommended.
Jot Singh on 2019-08-03
 Super knowledgeable and friendly lawyer !! Go to person for all the lawyer related needs , highly recommended!!!!
RAJIV VERMA on 2018-11-21
 One of the best Lawyer to trust for legal advice. All my reffered clients gives very positve feeback for his services.Very patient and humble to answer all the questions and providing solution. I will recommend his services to all my clients in future as well. Rajiv Verma Mortgage Broker
G Gatz on 2016-11-04
 Lawyer is very kind and understanding. He listens to you and advise patiently. Thank you Mr. Singh for all your help.

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