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Address: 317 Victoria Ave E, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 1A4, Canada
Phone: (807) 623-6100
Amanda Therrien on 2019-09-23
 I had a great experience working with Kevin Brothers. I hired Mr. Brothers for a family court matter and a criminal court matter. Both of my cases had great outcomes and I would hire him again. He is honest, trustworthy, generous, efficient, knowledgeable, hard working, loyal, and truly cares about his client's best interests. The cost of his services were very reasonable. I would highly recommend Kevin Brothers to my friends and family! Also, recently I was worried I about going back to court because my ten year old son is refusing to go to court ordered access with his dad. I hired Kevin to start the court proceedings and after one meeting with Kevin I felt much better about the situation and the need to go back to court was avoided thanks to Kevin's expertise and advice.
deah mcneill on 2019-04-12
 My estate matters were handled extremely well. I'm in Alberta but they still took me on as a client. Painless lawyers!! Very satisfied with how it was done.
Romeo Rancourt on 2019-05-12
 Kevin Brothers is an awesome lawyer by far one of the best. He’s also my personal and family lawyer for years and I never doubted is ability to seek what’s right at all times and highly recommend him as a lawyer!
LAURA THOMAS on 2019-03-26
 Kevin Brothers has gone above and beyond for myself and my family. He's blunt wants no *b's* and is GREAT criminal Lawyer. Thanks Kevin
larry H on 2018-09-13
 Good lawyer

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