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Address: 210-116 Lisgar St. Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0C2
Lawyer Firm: Engel & Associates
Phone: 613-235-6324
Fax: 613-235-3159
Email: nicholas@bruceengel.com
Website: bruceengel.com

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Address: 116 Lisgar St #210, Ottawa, ON K2P 0C2, Canada
Phone: (613) 235-6324
Website: http://www.bruceengel.com/
YOUTAG A on 2019-02-12
 I have worked with Bruce and Kevin recently in regards to a refusal to provide a breath sample. Bruce and Kevin took the time to work on the file and discussed all my options. They are transparent and honest with the entire process. I was completely satisfied with their services where no the file remains closed. My brother luckily avoided getting a criminal record. Thank you for the wonderful service and I would definitely recommend this firm with confidence. Best of luck to the Engel & Associates Professional Corporation. - Sabbir
James Reynolds on 2019-08-19
 Have had Bruce for years and he is a real concise, talented, caring, lawyer. He reasently won me freedom from parole so on cloud 9 .. definetly try him out !
Marie Leduc on 2019-06-11
 My husband was facing some very serious sexual criminal charges against him and after doing some extensive research for a criminal attorney, I strongly advised my husband to hire Bruce. Bruce’s legal fees are quite costly BUT I would do it all over again in a minute (not that I would want this nightmare to ever happen again). My husband was wrongfully accused of sexual assault and sexual interference against a minor and this could have destroyed his life, our life, our lives (including our children). This in fact rocked our world, our home life, my relationship with my daughter since this was her friend. After our first initial meeting with Bruce and Kevin, it was very clear that Bruce does not sugar coat anything. He says things how it is and how he thinks things will go in regards to a case. I felt quite confident that paying the money to have Bruce sit on my husband’s side would be extremely beneficial. We do not live in Ottawa, therefore some of our meetings we felt could have been done over the telephone, but Bruce is the type of lawyer that needs to see you face to face and I admire that about him. In just meeting with him, he always seemed to bring my anxiety levels down. Throughout this entire nightmare, Bruce was there for me at all times even my late night texts (in fact, I think I may have been driving him crazy with my texts because I was in so much amount of stress), but he responded to me every single time to put my mind at ease and in some cases even called me instead of texting me back (I to this day think that he picked up the phone because he sensed how much more stressed I was). Bruce kept us in the loop of my husband’s defense at all times. Bruce plays hard ball and you will see that. He is an extremely good attorney and I would recommend him to anyone. Bruce won our case and this nightmare is over for us. We owe him so much as this could have ended so badly for my husband and not just with prison time, but with other life altering things for the rest of his life. In closing I must point out that on the first day of trial, he had me giggling at his tie. It was a tie which had criminals on it and little handcuffs… Anyhow my I tip my hat off to you Bruce.. BRAVO and again we thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to our family. MCJ Ren-Leduc
Gordon Epal on 2014-06-13
 Excellent defense attorney!!!! Dismissed a possession with intent to sale change in a flash!! I had to see the judge only once, all the other work done behind the scene by the lawyers. Elena Davies is perfect criminal lawyers in Ottawa. Very professional!!! Great service!!! Experienced and knowledgeable!!! thank you for your advice and help.
kaden Garlick on 2014-05-21
 Only one word; FANTASTIC! I don’t have any detail about the case but I will say this; you DEFINITELY want Bruce Engel as your lawyer. Bruce fought for me the entire way through and there for, I received the best possible result. Bruce really knows his stuff and has the past good experience to prove it. Bruce is KNOWLEDGEABLE, PROFESSIONAL, AGGRESSIVE, and BEST criminal lawyer in Ottawa. He always gives proper response of phone calls and text messages. One of my favorite things about him is how much he really cares about his clients. I don't think I have ever seen any lawyer that cares more about his clients and what happens to them. Bruce knows very well, how to make a client feel comfortable and relax. Seriously, if you are looking for the best lawyer, hire Bruce Engel.

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