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Address: 1240 Ellice Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 0E8
Lawyer Firm: Cruz Law Office
Phone: 204-783-7884
Fax: 204-783-8059
Email: cruz.law.wpg@gmail.com

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Address: 43 Front St E Suite 400, Toronto, ON M5E 1B3, Canada
Phone: (647) 926-2529
Website: https://mclawoffice.ca/timeshare-law-mexico/
Berna García on 2020-03-21
 Mr. Cruz was very supportive from the start. All of the paperwork was done impeccably and fast. Great lawyer, and most importantly great person!
Olivia Marie on 2020-01-30
 My husband and I retained MC Law Office (Mr. / Sr. Guillermo Cruz Rico) to handle a problem which arose with a contract for membership in a Mexican time share. We found this firm through Google. The firm's website was very helpful to us and fairly portrayed the breadth and quality of services provided by this firm. Since we do not live in Toronto, we were given the option of a consultation by "Skype" but I chose to take the train into Toronto and walk the short distance from Union Station to the office. (Subsequent communications were by telephone or E-Mail). I was impressed with the professional, pleasant sophistication of the office itself, and was equally reassured by the calm, thoughtful and attentive demeanour of Mr. Cruz Rico. He took care to thoroughly understand the issues from my (the client's) perspective, and he also took care to explain the complexities of the facts and applicable law and legal processes. As Mexican Civil Law is very different from the English (Canadian) Common Law, and as Mexican law relating to timeshares in particular in that country has its own unique aspects and processes for dealing with problems, I knew, being myself a retired Canadian lawyer, that I would be wise to retain legal counsel trained and experienced in Mexico. Of course, as Mr. Cruz Rico is also trained and experienced in Canada, he was well able to understand my perspectives and assist me in understanding the differences in the two legal systems. Also of note, is that he could draft legal documents and communicate as needed, directly in Spanish, without relying upon a translator. In this case, Mr. Cruz Rico prepared our case in highly competent written form for presentation to PROFECO. He was able to navigate through certain legal complexities, and his advocacy on our behalf and with the assistance of PROFECO resulted in a very favourable outcome. Obviously, such services do come with a cost to the client which can seem significant to the client, but in all of our circumstances, the cost was reasonable and well worth it to have the problem resolved favourably, conclusively and with certainty. On the matter of cost, we were provided with a fair analysis ahead of time by Mr. Cruz Rico, of the challenges in our case, and with a fair and comprehensive outline in writing of the anticipated legal fees and disbursements and when these would be payable so that we could plan accordingly. In other words, we felt the fees were justifiable and reasonable in light of the prompt, thorough and competent work which was done and the favourable result to us. My husband and I would very highly recommend MC Law Office and Mr. / Sr. Guillermo Cruz Rico to assist with any of the matters identified on the firm's website as being within the scope of his and the firm's legal practice.
Brad Prokopetz on 2020-01-24
 Mr. Cruz and his associate made time to listen to my case with genuine concern took care of my problem immediately He is the only lawyer to solve your problems in Mexico Thank you

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