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Updated: February 20th, 2020 | North York | Lawyer List M | Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology |

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Address: School of Legal & Public Admin. 1750 Finch Ave. E. North York, Ontario M2J 2X5
Lawyer Firm: Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology
Phone: 416-491-5050 Ext: 6112
Fax: 416-491-4606
Email: michael.gulycz@senecac.on.ca
Website: senecac.on.ca

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Address: 1750 Finch Ave E, North York, ON M2J 5G3, Canada
Phone: (416) 491-5050
Website: http://www.senecacollege.ca/
Chaitanya Prabhu on 2019-12-09
 Good college for computer studies. I did IT project management course from Seneca. The professors were knowledgeable and the course was well organized. College genuinely tries to get coop opportunities for the students. Although there is criteria to be eligible for coop. Our placement coordinator was Elizabeth Piergeti and she was very professional and hardworking. I love the services on campus. Library is open till 11:30 on week days and the outer space and corridors are open 24 hrs for students. Printouts and photocopy is pretty cheap for the students. Overall my experience has been great. I would highly recommend Seneca college for computer related courses. Thanks for helping me launch my career
Xin Zhang on 2019-12-10
 Just graduated from Seneca college. I have to say its facilities are one of the best in the Canadian school. Also, To speak of its teaching quality, I was Business student, 80% teachers are really responsible and knowledgeable. However, the rest 20% are irresponsible enough, I don’t know whether these people have effective knowledge in brain, but they are truly try to waste time there while getting easy wage. To sum up, I still will recommend you to choose Seneca college, At least I have learned a lot there and have met some very valuable friends.
E T on 2019-11-04
 Non-student who needed to get my OSAP number at the nearest college to home. The students I talked to off the hallways were able to direct me to the proper desks for that and the process was easy. I was out within an hour, and came around 1PM that afternoon. It’s a pretty big, spacious campus with small cafes at certain spots. I also have a friend who’s enrolling at that college, so I wouldn’t mind visiting it again.
Stanley Kuepfer on 2019-11-24
 Thank you so much for your assistance with launching my Civil Engineering Technology career! I am amazed at the diverse level of educational programs and lifestyle that Seneca has to offer.

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