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Address: 1010-69 Yonge St. Toronto , Ontario M5E 1K3
Lawyer Firm: Desloges, Chantal, Professional Corporation
Phone: 647-776-7500
Fax: 647-260-0278

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Address: 49 Wellington St E Suite 101, Toronto, ON M5E 1C9, Canada
Phone: (647) 776-7500
Website: http://www.desloges.ca/
Leo Zheng on 2020-03-13
 We have a complicated case. Under the help of Giancarlo and Chantal, we finally made it a great success! Excellent services! Professional advice and work! Highly recommend!
Ruban Sivanadian on 2020-05-13
 May 09, 2020Desloges Law Group 49 Wellington St. East, Suite 101 Toronto, ON M5E 1C9Re: Madam Ms. Chantal DeslogesI am delighted to write this to show OUR GRATITUDE towards Madam Chantal’s professional service at Desloges Law Group.In the past 36 years in Canada, I have dealt with many different types of legal professionals and representatives at Commissions, Review Commission, Tribunals and Courts, including Federal Court of Appeal, but no one have ever provided the service as professional as Madam Chantal.Madam Chantal has displayed her true professional colour and characters with devotion and compassion. Her collaboration, communication and dialog were open and clear, and she well executed her undertaking at this very difficult time.Madam Chantal is very experience and knowledgeable in Immigration Laws. Madam Chantal’s staff, Mr. Mitchell Kevin Perlmutter also second to none and he is very professional, thorough and has lots of patience in dealing with me.At this lock-down time, I am overwhelmed by Madam Chantal’s and Mitchell’s willingness to help and extend their service. Madam Chantal had offered her personal service to drop-off and pickup documents near my home address and at the same time Mitchell came to the office only to finish-off and file my application with Immigration Canada. These are not just service or help but are dedication and pure devotion towards their clients and professionalism. We need more professionals in their character and caliber and we are blessed to have someone like Madam Chantal and hard working person like Mitchell. God-bless Madam Chantal and Desloges Law Group.Thank you, Ruban R Sivanadian & Family
hratch shimpilian on 2020-01-15
 All thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped us to be what we are today, we are here completing the path of our lives and reaching what we dreamed of for a long time, and this would not have happened if God’s success had not been, then your work with loyalty and mastery, and you deserve to be in the place First, thank you very much.
Nikolai Ilchyshyn on 2019-05-04
 I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Samuel and his assistant Ani for the professional work done and the positive result obtained.We, a family of three from Ukraine, filled an appeal against the visa officer’s decision. Our case was really difficult, sometimes it seemed completely hopeless. For objective reasons, the process of filling in an appeal, preparations for hearing, hearing itself and the post-hearing process lasted for two and a half years. All this time Samuel was in regular interaction with us and was focused on our problems.I would especially like to emphasize Samuel's high professionalism in generating his own and evaluating joint ideas. In addition, his subtle sense and understanding of the chosen tactics and behavioral model prior, at and after hearing made a significant contribution to the success of the process. In the crucial moments of the preparation for the hearing, Samuel was working really hard and showed great effectiveness in collaboration. Nearly 100% of his instructions and suggestions proved to be effective, workable and leading to a positive result.I particularly wanted to emphasize the highly professional behavior of Samuel during the hearing, since it was very difficult for us to be participants in the process remotely while being across the ocean. He fully controlled the situation at the hearings and flexibly and constructively reacted to the obstacles and difficulties that arose, turning them into our advantages.Of course, we would never again like to participate in such a complex, nervous, demanding and stressful business as appealing and a court hearing. However, we would not hesitate to deal with Samuel again if there was a new need for a highly professional legal service.Based on our personal experience, we strongly recommend Samuel and his team to solve your immigration problems.
Andreh Babian on 2019-04-30
 Chantal worked on my case that was very difficult case. She and her stuff did excellent job. They are super professional. She is one of the top best lawyers in immigration field. Each single penny you pay it worths because they provide you the best services that can not be compared with what other law firms do.

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