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Updated: April 16th, 2019 | Winnipeg | Lawyer List V | Law Office of Vanessa Routley | Immigration Law,

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Address: 803-213 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 1N3
Lawyer Firm: Law Office of Vanessa Routley
Phone: 204-515-4312
Email: Vanessa@immigrationmanitoba.ca
Website: Immigrationmanitoba.ca

Areas of PracticeImmigration Law

Law Office of Vanessa Routley

Full-service Canadian immigration law firm specializing in Manitoba provincial nomination and investment programs as well as transitioning undocumented US residents to legalized Canadian status. Investor work permits under all categories including low investments from $30,000 plus. Contact us to reach your immigration goals.

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Address: 213 Notre Dame Ave Suite 807, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1N3, Canada
Phone: (204) 515-4312
Website: http://www.immigrationmanitoba.ca/
Marco Palomera on 2020-05-27
 The Law Office of Vanessa Routley is my life saver. After living in the U.S. for 28 years and been a Professional for 15 years, all the doors got closed on me in 2019, Canada was willing to open their doors for me and provided me an opportunity to continue with my Professional career. Vanessa Routley is the lawyer that guided me throughout my immigration process, her attention to details, intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, and Professionalism made a huge difference in my case. Vanessa provided options and discussed different strategies for me to consider in order to immigrate to Canada. I had arrived in Canada since January 2020 and life is really good, my fears and worries are gone and no longer exist. Thank You Vanessa Routley and your staff for your commitment and outstanding work. 100% recommend.
Yubraj Pandey on 2019-11-25
 I highly recommend the Immigration Law Office of Vanessa Routley. When I approached the Law Office of Vanessa to get some legal advice for my Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, I found her to be very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and supportive towards her clients. She is very polite and calm who talks clearly and slowly with her clients. She is always ready to help her clients in their immigration process. In my meeting with her, she gave me very crucial and positive advice which radically changed the direction of my career path. Many thanks indeed, to Vanessa. I will definitely go back to her law office in the future. I strongly recommend her services.
Sharma 1 on 2020-05-25
 My family and I had lived with an undocumented status in the United States for approximately 6 years. Although I immigrated with my family at the age of 9, my profile did not meet the DACA application requirements; and, as a result, I was not able to receive any DACA benefits as I pursued undergraduate studies in the US. Therefore, to initiate a new beginning and overcome the limitations imposed on DACA applicants, I decided to immigrate and study in Canada. Although I had received admissions to several Canadian universities, the road to application and receival of the study permit approval was challenging. I remember contacting more than 38 immigration law firms before I was able to get in contact with Ms. Routley regarding my case. All of these law firms refused to represent my immigration case for temporary resident application in Canada. Most of the lawyers suggested that I return to my home country and apply from there after one year of waiting period. This immensely increased the uncertainty and fear in the lives of my family and me. After one month of continuously contacting law firms, I came in touch with the Law Office of Vanessa Routley. This came in as a blessing, and brought a ray of hope in my life, as Ms. Routley not only agreed to represent my case but also positively outlined the facts of how my application and biometrics from within the US were a big possibility. This brought tremendous relief to my family as I did not need to return back to my home country to file an application for Canadian immigration. In order to prepare a comprehensive and strong application, Ms. Routley analyzed the requirements of documents on an individual scoring basis to help understand the strengths of my application. I really admired that Ms. Routley focused to a very great extent on the strengths of my application instead of focusing on my undocumented status like other law firms. Although the filing of my first application was thorough from Ms. Routley’s approach, the Canadian Immigration office rejected my primary application without any reason outlined. My application was represented very strongly from a student and financial standpoint; therefore, the primary rejection brought shock and sheer disappointment. Throughout the next upcoming weeks, my family and I were really emotionally devasted and did not understand how to approach forward. During these times of uncertainty and fear, Ms. Routley not only thoroughly outlined the steps to a reapplication but also became a strong emotional support for my family and me. Her steps to reapplication ensured positive outcomes as it targeted to address the ambiguous concerns of the immigration officer with specific evidence of relevant documentation. With Ms. Routley’s immense persistence and dedication of four months towards my case, I was able to successfully receive a study permit approval while applying from the US. Even after my arrival in Canada, Ms. Routley truly cares about my aspirations and wellbeing, which has helped me to realize how grateful I am to have received her help in my case. Without her guidance and support, I would not have received the opportunity to start a new beginning in Canada as I seek to accomplish my career aspirations. I give the Law Office of Vanessa Routley my highest recommendation, as she can truly make a positive difference in the lives of DACA and undocumented applicants in the US, who often lead underrepresented life full of fear and uncertainty.
Yang Zhou on 2020-01-06
 My wife and I prepared our first PR application in Jan 2018 on our own unfortunately got rejected in June, we were very frustrated until we found Vanessa. She has a very professional team, very nice people, paying attention to every detail and always responded your emails quickly. They have such rich experiences dealing with IRCC and know exactly how to prepare the application questionnaire and documents. They care customers, In my second PR application, we re-used the medical test report and reference letter which saved me a lot of money and time. They also gave us a lot of confidence. So our second application was prepared perfectly and went very smoothly. We submitted it in Aug and it just took another 4.5 months to get my PR approved. This is the best new year gift we ever received.
sub Alan on 2020-02-12
 I highly recommend lawer Vanessa . I went into some issues with my implied status as a work in Canada. And Vanessa answered my questions very professionally and kindly,which helped me so much. Thank you again

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