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Anna L. Perry

Updated: January 24th, 2023 | Port Alberni | Lawyer List A | Parenting Coordinator Mediator and Arbitrator | Family Law, Taxation,

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Address: 5661 River Road, Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada V9Y 6Z4
Lawyer Firm: Parenting Coordinator Mediator and Arbitrator
Phone: 7883532
Email: aperry.parentingcoordinator@outlook.com
Website: parentingcoordinatorsolutions.com

First Year of Call 1988
Areas of Practice Alternative Dispute Resolution, Family Law, Taxation
Practice Areas, Experience and Accreditation:
I have been working in family dispute resolution since 2005. I am a fully accredited practising member of the BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society (BC PCRS), the Law Society of British Columbia, a member of the ADR Institute of Alberta, and aspire to soon also be a member of the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO). I am a fully accredited, certified family law mediator (C. Med – 2014), arbitrator (C. Arb. – 2015) and parenting coordinator (C. PC – 2019). I have been on boards, committees, and radio shows as a presenter on family law, parenting coordination, high conflict parenting and out-of-court case resolution topics.
I am a parent of children with special needs. I have been through separation and divorce and dealt with the parenting plan aspects of that separation with my children as “tweens” and teens. All are now independent adults with whom I have a good relationship. I consider my children to be among my blessings and successes in life.
As a family law litigator, I have a solid grounding of knowledge and experience in everyday family law issues and specialized in high conflict parenting. I have much experience working across cultures and with diverse families. I use web-based video conference and teleconference options, as well as email when appropriate to minimize cost and maximize efficiency.
I have:
• 100+ hours of core education in child development, parenting coordination, conflict resolution and arbitration and mediation theory and skills training, including conducting mediations and arbitrations as a PC and family mediator.
• training on ethical issues relating to the mediation process,
• legal training in parenting coordination and ADR dispute resolution
In my role as family law lawyer, there will be occasions of great results and it will be these occasions that keep me enthusiastic and committed to the role, although it is by nature difficult work. Rather like walking on a tight rope across the Grand Canyon but with two people jumping up and down on the rope to make it sway as the rope walker approaches the most perilous point in the journey across. Family dynamics of negativity, anger and mistrust make for less than ideal conditions in which to get on with the job of parenting. There are bound to be times when forward progress in this environment is challenging for the parents and their lawyer or mediator. At such times, it is critical to remember that this is a dynamic, child-centred process that will take a lot of time and commitment to be successful.
I enjoy the satisfaction and challenge of achieving the optimal outcome for the participants’ unique needs and circumstances.
• Taught law at the University of British Columbia
• Lectured on law around the province of British Columbia
• Wrote law textbooks and lecture materials
1990’s – Early 2000’s
• Deputy Registrar and lawyer to the Land Title Office of BC
• Administrator and Registrar of the BC Provincial Court
• Registrar and lawyer to the Office of the BC Police Complaint Commissioner
2005 – 2020
• 2005-2006 – Lawyer with Greenway Legal Centre in Langley and Surrey, BC
• 2006-2008 – Family Law lawyer specialist (litigation) with Quay Law Centre in New Westminster, BC
• 2008 – 2017 – Family Law lawyer specialist (litigation & mediation) with partnership in Westside Family Law in Vancouver, BC
• 2016-2020 – Training and practice in alternate dispute resolution at various periods
• 2019 – Family Law lawyer specialist (litigation) with MacLean Family Law in Vancouver, BC
• 2016-2020 – Accreditation in mediation, arbitration and parenting coordination
• 2020- New practice model as paperless office in mediation, arbitration and parenting coordination

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