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Marie-Helene Hache

Updated: June 14th, 2022 | Dieppe | Lawyer List M | Momentum Legal Solutions | Civil Litigation, Constitutional Law, Family Law,

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Address: 200 rue Champlain Street, Dieppe, NB, E1A 1P1
Lawyer Firm: Momentum Legal Solutions
Phone: 18885390474
Fax: 18885390474
Email: marie@momentumlex.ca
Website: www.momentumlex.ca

First Year of Call
Areas of Practice Civil Litigation, Constitutional Law, Family Law

Momentum Legal Solutions

Your advocate
We are a litigation boutique. Advocacy is our passion. Our team will be driving force that will make your legal issues move in the right direction. Our purpose is to make your life better.

Lawyers and law firms are not created equal
We are experts in our field. Our team is focused on excellence; in the service we provide and the results that we deliver. In hiring Momentum, you get a team of bright legal minds who are here for you whenever you need. We have the skills and talent to find the loophole and the solution that you need.

We will put ourselves in your shoes and understand your inner world. We tailor our approach, services and solutions to fit your needs and preferences.

We use leading edge technology to improve our customer’s experience and are constantly striving to improve and create more value for our clients.

Firm Values and Approach
Results oriented
We take a practical and holistic approach to all matters and believe in taking a whole-part perspective when tackling an issue. We fully educate ourselves on our client’s issues to be able to look at a situation from all angles and discover new possibilities. In the legal world, the devil is in the details. While it is important to notice and understand them, we believe that issues get resolved by focusing on the big picture. By taking the time to listen to our clients, we help them determine what they really want, and how to best achieve these goals. We take calculated risks to provide the best possible outcome, in both English and French.

We help and guide our clients through the emotional, financial and environmental stressors tied to their legal issues. We identify the central issue at hand and share the bottom line with our clients so they can make informed decisions. We believe that being able to understand how your clients are experiencing their legal issues is at the heart of helping them through their journey.

We know that results come to those who put the work in. We learned the basis of our skills from the best litigators and made it our own. We self study and stay on top of the current legal trends. Combining our relentless work ethic and skills, we will get the job done right the first time. We get the answers that our clients need and the solutions that apply to their situation

Our services
We will navigate the legal intricacies of conflict with you and help you make strategic choices. We help you understand your rights and obligations in specific situations. We provide you with concrete answers and tailored solutions for your reality. We can negotiate on your behalf. We will fight for your rights to be respected and upheld in and outside the courtroom.

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