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Mark R. McMackin

Updated: February 1st, 2022 | Oshawa | Lawyer List M | McMackin Lawyers | Commercial Law, Real Estate,

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Address: 86 Simcoe Street S, Oshawa, ON L1H 4G6
Lawyer Firm: McMackin Lawyers
Phone: 416-527-4710
Fax: 905-666-0746
Email: mark@mcmackinlawyers.ca
Website: mcmackinlawyers.ca

Areas of Practice Corporate Law, Estates & Trusts, Real Estate
Description Mark is not your typical Bay Street Lawyer. He is street smart, resourceful and connected in Canada and Internationally in the fields of real estate, corporate and entertainment law.
Having practiced for over 25 years, Mark has had a broad Bay Street commercial practice the areas of real estate, municipal and development law, trusts and estates, commercial law in a number of areas including entertainment law primarily for rock and hip hop musicians. Mark has a talent for communicating and understanding a myriad of issues in business but doing it in a well-rounded fashion, often appreciating and understanding the concerns of people from all walks of life. His down to earth rural background proves to be consistently helpful in solving tricky legal issues but doing so in a pragmatic fashion. It is these traits that often separates Mark from the pack when it comes to legal representation.
Mark’s general business practice has clients ranging from family-owned enterprises to franchise models and businesses that generally employ between 50-100 individuals. Mark has a talent for deal making and is a consummate connector both nationally and internationally due to business and being educated abroad. In terms of Medical Marijuana, Mark has experience in franchising a well known hydroponics company and being instrumental in obtaining one of the first MMP licence in Canada in 2014. In addition as an entertainment lawyer and avid music collector, Mark represents actors, musicians, producers, live entertainment promoters in Canada and the United States. Mark has over the past year been developing special strategic relationships with recording artists in the US regarding endorsements in the Marijuana Industry.
UsiCanada and the U.S.ng his business experience prior to law school, Mark is actively involved in day to day issues that arise in competitive, growing businesses as well as managing the complex transactions associated with growth in areas of acquisition and financing. Mark has written many legal articles and has delivered many speeches on legal issues in both Canada, Arab Emirates U.A.E. and the U.S. and is a contributor to various media outlets from time to time. See Publications Section

Mark is a humble, affable yet street smart business lawyer whose tenacity when needed helps to close a deal.

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