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Daniel Romano

Updated: August 8th, 2020 | Montreal | Lawyer List D | KALMAN SAMUELS Avocats / Attorneys Inc. | Civil Litigation, Family Law, Immigration Law, International Law, Personal Injury Law,

Address: 1 Westmount Square, Suite 711 Montréal, Québec, H3Z 2P9 Canada
Lawyer Firm: KALMAN SAMUELS, Avocats / Attorneys Inc.
Phone: 514-939-1200 Ext:
Fax: 514-939-1201
Email: info@kalmansamuels.com
Website: www.kalmansamuels.com

Areas of PracticeCivil Litigation, Elder Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, International Law, Personal Injury Law
Description/>Daniel Romano was attracted to the firm of Kalman Samuels, Attorneys due to its reputation as one of the best law firms in Quebec and its well-recognized prominence in the domain of family law and international private law. After the unfortunate passing of Attorney Kalman Samuels, Q.C. in 2011, Daniel Romano was selected to assume leadership of the firm. He continues in this role to this day, carefully balancing the old-school dedication to each client with leading edge management policies designed to help to reduce day-to-day expenses and to maximize office efficiency, thereby allowing the Kalman Samuels legal team to deliver a high end service at a more reasonable cost.

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Address: 1 Carré Westmount #711, Westmount, QC H3Z 2P9, Canada
Phone: (514) 939-1200
Website: https://www.kalmansamuels.com/?utm_source=google&u
Jennifer-Lee Michael on 2020-04-29
 I have been a client of Kalman Samuels for many many years. Anytime I have had an issue to deal with, they have been my go-to law-firm. No matter whether it is within their domain or not, they always do their best to assist me any way they can. If it is not within their domain, they always find the best attorneys available in other domains; to answer my questions and help me with my inquiries. I am a serial entrepreneur with many businesses to my name and the founder of an NPO; the Volunteers Coalition. With 7 cases to date, spanning over many years, which have been handled primarily by Dan Romano, I am extremely satisfied with the services I have received at Kalman Samuels and strongly recommend this law firm to anybody seeking a group they can trust.
Jonathan reid on 2018-04-11
 Extremely Happy with my experience. I was assigned a Lawyer from the firm but received support and consultation from everyone who could contribute. My situation was a unique custody matter which required immediate action. On a Wednesday afternoon we got notice of an abrupt change, and we were in court Friday morning, better prepared than the other party. I dealt with the firm by phone and email which I was nervous about considering I was in another province, however they did an excellent job. I was given realistic expectations and advice which enabled me to make a sound decision and take the actions required to progress in my situation. I will continue to seek representation from the firm as I move forward.
Natalia Croitor on 2013-11-22
 A friend recommended me this firm and I am very happy they took my case. Mr. Daniel Romano represented my interests and I was very happy with the service they provided. I was impressed how well they communicate both orally and written. After having worked my case for a certain time to get familiar with details and investigate the potential solutions I knew I was in good hands! He provided me solutions and things I should be aware of that my previous lawyer didn't even mention. I am very happy Kalman Samuels and Associates represented my case. I am very happy with the result. The team I have met impressed me how dedicated and hard working they all are. I agree with previous comment that sometimes it might be hard to reach Mr Romano directly and you end up leaving a message but he returns calls within very short time. I definitely recommend this Law firm.
Brian Couture on 2017-11-22
 I have to write something, and I’m doing this mainly as a thank you. We are three years into this divorce already. This is a very contentious case involving a lot of money and spanning three countries and touching on every aspect of separation of assets, custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, family patrimony, and a lot of diverse assets and we cannot agree on anything at all. I started out with another attorney who was very good, but as things got more intense, she felt it was better to recommend this to true specialists and sent to my current firm. I liked her and did not really want to switch, but she insisted. My new firm, this one, Kalman Samuels, is smaller but charged the same amounts; Within just a few weeks I understood why my former attorney recommended that I switch. These guys are really specialized & know what they are doing and are very good at it. Each and every time my ex wife drags us back to court, we win, without exception. Then, just when her lawyers have a better understanding of what is really going on and begin to cooperate and tell her to stop acting crazy, she gets angry, changes lawyers, changes tactics, does something stupid forcing us to go to court and we win again, then we negotiate hard with the new lawyer who has a better understanding of what he is dealing with, my wife fires the lawyer, hires another one and repeats the cycle, over and over again. She is now on her sixth lawyer and my attorneys worry that he might be on his way out too very soon. Just last month we received a procedure with only two day’s notice. This is not legal! My attorneys really scrambled to respond. Rather than asking for a postponement, which they could have, they put all their energy into preparing and pleading a powerful response with only two days of preparation. They said it would be cheaper this way than going twice. Also, it would show how unreasonable she was. The opposing attorney must have been expecting a request for postponement because even though it was his own motion, he was caught surprised and ended up not being ready for court when my attorneys showed up ready to fight. Brilliant!!! We won again, 100%. They did well all the other times before, but this time I was especially impressed. The case was very well handled. Essentially, their complete victory saves me (and my kids) from major financial headaches and possibly a big change in lifestyle. This is why I’m posting this now. The last hearing cost me financially, again, but all the work they did will pay for itself in three month’s time because the judge rejected the crazy things she was asking for and simply did not believe all the retarded allegations she started making, suddenly and out of nowhere. If my attorneys read this, they will know who I am and which attorneys I am talking about. And that’s O.K., because they put a lot into this and I think they deserve a little bit more than just their fees. So here it is: “Thank you!”

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